I possess fierce integrity, a love of collaboration, a quick wit and both high IQ and high Emotional Intelligence.  I bring useful skills in experiential learning, facilitation, teamwork, creative problem-solving, and communication.

I trained as a psychotherapist as well as earning a graduate degree in leadership in organizational development from Bastyr University in 2009. In my work with Soul Shoppe (an organization that provides elementary schools with character education and bullying prevention training), I created a professional development agenda, participated in the selection of facilitators and provided feedback during training.  I was tasked with holding the organization in integrity, and making sure we used the tools we taught in the operation of the company.

I like to help the leaders I’ve partnered with to seek a better understanding of their challenges and to find creative, sustainable solutions.  I possess an easy, natural confidence and a sense of humor that can be helpful in guiding leaders and managers in their growth and success.  When consulting with the Rat City Rollergirls (a semi-professional sports league), I aided in the shift from an outdated structure to a new hierarchy that took into account the current and anticipated challenges of the league.  I helped the president of the league create processes to improve dissemination of information and transparency.

I regard conflict as the inevitable result of humans interacting – and use non-violent communication approaches in avoiding placing blame, making sure all parties feel heard, and creating a plan for understanding in the future.  I crafted and taught a conflict skills training for RCRG’s ombudswomen and team captains that helped normalize conflict and created a simple process for addressing any concerns.  I also consulted with a legal expert to be sure that the letter of the law was adhered to in my recommendations.

I have a blended past of working in health care, non-profits, education, the arts community, and celebrating and supporting unusual and unorthodox organizations. Having worked with people with physical disabilities, injuries, chronic pain conditions, and mental illness; I am qualified to support people improving their health with an understanding of the challenges they face.